Ugie Menu 2018

Lunch Menu



Soup of the Day                                                          £ 4.50


Served with fresh crusty bread.


Prawn Cocktail                                                           £ 5.50


Timeless classic of prawns mixed with Marie Rose Sauce, served on bed of salad leaves, accompanied with fresh crusty bread.


Haggis, Neeps & Tatties                                             £ 5.50


Three haggis bon bons, neep puree, creamy mash, finished off with whisky jus.


Salt & Pepper Chicken                                                £ 5.00


Crispy salt & pepper chicken strips tossed with chillies, spring onions & peppers, served on a bed off Thai noodles.


Pan Seared Scallops                                                    £ 7.00


Pan seared scallops, pea puree, black pudding crumb, bacon lardons.


Cullen Skink Risotto                                                    £ 5.50


Cullen Skink risotto topped with flaked smoked haddock & poached egg.


Brie Wedges (v)                                                          £ 5.00


Panko coated brie wedges, served with house salad & beetroot salsa.


Sharing Platters


BBQ Sharing Platter                                                   £ 10.50


Four BBQ pulled pork filled tattie skins,

Six spicy chicken wings,

Eight spicy battered chicken strips.


BBQ dip, Sweet Chilli dip, Sour Cream dip.


Veggie Sharing Platter (v)                                         £ 9.50


Four cheese & onion filled tattie skins,

Six slices of garlic bread,

Eight homemade battered onion rings.


Tomato Sauce, Sweet Chilli dip, Garlic Mayo dip.


Cheese Nacho Sharing Platter (v)                              £ 8.00


Bowl of tortilla crisps, topped with melted cheese, served with tomato relish & sour cream.


Main Courses




Battered Haddock & Chips                                         £ 9.50


Locally bought haddock, chips, peas & homemade tartar sauce.


Chicken Fillets & Chips                                               £ 9.50


Homemade battered chicken fillets served with house salad, chips & dip of your choice for BBQ, Garlic Mayo or Sweet Chilli.


Mac n Cheese (v)                                                        £ 8.00


Macaroni with a cheddar cheese sauce, served with garlic bread & chips.


Scampi & Chips                                                           £ 9.50


Wholetail Scottish scampi, house salad, chips & tartar sauce.


Crispy Chicken Wrap                                                  £ 9.50


Crispy chicken, diced bacon, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce & sauce of your choice from BBQ, Garlic Mayo, Plain Mayo or Sweet Chilli. All combined in a soft tortilla wrap, served with house salad & chips.


Roast of the Day                                                         £ 9.50


Ask a member of staff for details.


Homemade Ugie Curry                                               £ 9.50


Finely balanced blend of spices creates a mouth-watering flavour. Choose from chicken, beef, king prawn or vegetable (v) or a combination at an extra cost. Served on savoury rice with naan bread.


Mixed Meat Salad                                                      £ 9.50


Selection of sliced meats served with house salad, rice salad, sliced boiled egg, pickled beetroot & cheese. Accompanied with chips or boiled new potatoes.


Ugie Club Sandwich                                                    £ 9.50


Warm sliced chicken, crispy bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, baby gem lettuce & sliced tomato all sandwiched between toasted white or brown bread of your choice. Served with coleslaw & chips.






Homemade Beef Burgers                   Grilled Chicken Burgers


Berties Classic                    £ 8.50                    Berties Grilled Chicken                    £ 9.00


Cheese Burger                   £ 9.00                    Grilled Chicken Cheese                   £ 9.50


Bacon Cheese Burger     £ 9.50                    Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese     £ 10.00


BBQ Pulled Pork Burger £ 9.50                    Grilled BBQ Pulled Pork Chicken £ 10.00


All above burgers are served on a toasted brioche bun, each bun is dressed with salad garnish consisting of baby gem lettuce, sliced tomato & red onions. Burgers come with homemade coleslaw & chips.


Veggie Burger (v)             £ 9.00


Quorn burger served as stated above.









Toasted Baguette/Grilled Baguette


Have either a baguette toasted under the grill or a baguette grilled in the panini machine. Baguettes come with homemade coleslaw & chips.


Choose from fillings below. Any other filling request is more than welcome subject to availability.


Chicken Mayonnaise                           £ 8.50


Sweet Chilli Chicken & Cheese                        £ 8.50


Brie & Red Onion Chutney (v)            £ 8.00





Ugie Grill Section


8oz Fillet Steak                        £ 23.90                       


8oz Sirloin Steak                      £ 19.90


Grilled Chicken Breast                        £ 14.50


Grilled Gammon Steak           £ 11.00


Liver, Bacon & Onions                        £ 11.00


Surf & Turf Fillet                     £ 25.90                       


Surf & Turf Sirloin                   £ 21.90


Surf & Turf steaks are topped with prawns & scallops sautéed in garlic butter.


All the above grill dishes come complete with vine tomatoes & red onions sautéed in a balsamic glaze, butter sautéed mushrooms, peas & chips.











Sides, Sauces & Butters


Garlic Bread                       £ 2.00                    Whisky Sauce                    £ 1.50


Garlic Cheese Bread        £ 2.50                    Pepper Sauce                     £ 1.50


Coleslaw                              £ 1.50                    Mushroom Sauce            £ 1.50


House Salad                       £ 1.50                    Garlic Butter                       £ 1.00


Onion Rings                        £ 2.00                    Chilli Butter                         £ 1.00


Chips                                     £ 2.00                    Citrus Butter                       £ 1.00


Vegetables                         £ 2.00                    Cajun Butter                      £ 1.00








Ugie A la Carte



Served from 5pm till closing




Fillet Medallions                                                         £ 21.90


Slices of beef fillet, sautéed new potatoes, honey fried savoy cabbage & a trio of haggis bon bons. Finished off with red wine jus.


Pan Fried Duck                                                           £ 18.90


Pan fried duck breast, braised red cabbage, fondant potato. Finished off with a honey & thyme glaze.


Honey Lemon Garlic Chicken                                     £ 15.90


Pan fried chicken thigh, baked in a honey lemon garlic mixture creating a sticky flavoursome dish. All served on a bed of Thai noodles.


Roasted Cod with Creamed Greens                           £ 15.90


Oven roasted cod fillet, served on a bed of creamed seasonal green vegetables & bacons lardons.


Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Penne (v)                      £ 11.90


Fresh cherry tomatoes sautéed in basil oil & mozzarella with a hint of cream, mixed through penne pasta, accompanied with garlic bread.





























Mint Aero                                                                   £ 6.50


Mixture of mint choc chip & vanilla ice cream, mint aero pieces, chocolate sauce, topped with cream.


Toffee Fudge                                                               £ 6.50


Mixture of toffee fudge & vanilla ice cream, fudge pieces, toffee sauce, topped with cream.


Mixed Berry                                                                £ 6.50


Mixture of raspberry ripple & strawberry ice cream, mixed berry compote, topped with cream.




Sticky Toffee Pudding                                                £ 5.50


Our fondly & dearly missed “Auntie Jeans” Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe remains a firm favourite. Served with hot toffee sauce & toffee fudge ice cream.


Apple Crumble Parfait                                               £ 5.50


Rolled frozen apple parfait, apple compote & crumble topping.


Salted Caramel Chocolate Pot                                   £ 5.00


Set salted caramel and chocolate in a pot, served with homemade shortbread.


Rice Pudding                                                               £ 5.00


Creamy homemade rice pudding & glazed berries.


Cheeseboard                                                               £ 7.00


Selection of cheeses served with savoury biscuits along with some chutneys.                                                                












High Teas


Scampi & Chips


Wholetail Scottish scampi, house salad, chips & tartar sauce.


Grilled Gammon Steak


Grilled gammon steak served with seasonal vegetables, chips, grilled pineapple rings & a fried egg.


Roast of the Day


Ask a member of staff for details.

Mac n Cheese (v)


Macaroni with a cheddar cheese sauce, served with garlic bread & chips.


Chicken Fillets & Chips


Homemade battered chicken fillets served with house salad, chips & dip of your choice for BBQ, Garlic Mayo or Sweet Chilli.


Homemade Ugie Curry


Finely balanced blend of spices creates a mouth-watering flavour. Choose from chicken, beef, king prawn or vegetable (v) or a combination at an extra cost. Served on savoury rice with naan bread.


Battered Haddock & Chips


Locally bought haddock, chips, peas & homemade tartar sauce.





Our traditional high teas are served with white or brown toast, a choice of tea coffee and a selection of homemade cakes & traybakes.



£ 12.95